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There are some common health issues that affect everyone, even us Dentists. Prevention is the key!
Invest in your health by visiting Bushy Park Dental. For an appointment ring 020 8941 9090.

We at Bushy Park Dental take pride in providing you and your family with the highest quality dental care tailored to your personal requirements. Invest in your own health by allowing us to educate you about oral health. We invite you to work with us, so you can be aware of what is happening in your mouth.



Gum Disease
We all have a number of not so friendly bacteria that live in our mouths; these will cause the gums to recede and eat away the bone that hold the teeth firm. The good news is that beating these bacteria is relatively easy. It is all about good cleaning. Some help and coaching from our Hygienist will put you on the right track. We stock a comprehensive range of Oral Hygiene Products.

We are very proactive about this. Gum disease is a slow burner; it can take many years before you notice that damage it has caused. To ensure you don’t have problems later in life you need to start early and prevent problems from ever getting started. We have never met a 60 year old who is happy about losing their teeth. Unfortunately we do meet many 60 year olds who have or are about to lose teeth. So get started today. Book an appointment with Mike and the Hygienist and we will help ensure that you are looking after your gums.




group-img-03Tooth Decay
Everyone is born with strong good looking teeth, one of our best assets, a natural bright smile. So why do so many of us end up with a mouth full of fillings, crowns etc.? Well it’s those nasty bacteria again, every time we have foods and drinks with sugar the bacteria also eat this sugar, the side effect of this is acid, that in turn eats away at our teeth. Getting help with cleaning is again the secret to preventing the problem from getting started.


Brushing correctly will clean the sides of the teeth, Flossing / TePe brushes will clean in-between the teeth. However natures’ design fault has left us with grooves in the chewing surface of the back teeth. These fissures can be so deep and narrow that a single bristle of your tooth brush will not be able to clean right to the bottom. This is why some many of us have filling on our back teeth despite having brushed twice a day, just like our mums told us to. Good news, if the fissures on a tooth are deep and not yet decayed we can clean them out and block them with Fissure sealant.

Once the decay process has eaten trough the enamel and into the dentine, the hole will always get bigger with time. The good news is that when we see you we can identify these smaller cavities and recommend that you have a white filling placed. This will stop the hole from destroying the rest of your tooth.

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and fillings do wear out; however a good quality filling placed with care should last for many years (10 to 30 years). If you have existing fillings that are getting towards the end of their usefulness we will inform you and suggest the best modern replacement. This can often present an opportunity to improve the appearance of your teeth. Black and stained fillings can be replaced by natural looking White Filling, If your teeth have been repeatedly filled over the years than those fillings will be quite large, weakening the sides of the remaining tooth. At this point it wise to use restorations that not just fill the void in the tooth but also protect the remaining tooth, this when we may recommend Inlays, Veneers or Crowns. These will have the added bonus of looking better; especially compared to a large black filling.



The Lining of the mouthgroup-img-04
There are numerous [thankfully rare] other condition that can affect the mouth. At your Dental Health Assessment and Reviews we will scan your mouth to check you are healthy. If we do notice anything we would of course inform you and discuss with you the nature of our findings and how to best to deal with any concerns.
Such problems, when detected and treated early will usually have successful outcomes. If you are concerned about anything within your mouth, don’t wait, book an appointment. Ring 020 8941 9090



Tooth Surface Loss
We at Bushy Park Dental are experts in the prevention and treatment of Tooth Surface Loss. Initially you may not be aware that your teeth are being affected, therefore early detection that you are susceptible and prevention of the damage is the optimum outcome. Allowed to continue unchecked Tooth Surface Loss will result in disfigurement of the teeth and sensitivity as more tooth structure is lost. Ultimately if not controlled it will lead to tooth loss! If you are concerned about your teeth, please come and see us so we can help you manage this common problem and minimise the damage to your natural teeth. The causes of Tooth Surface Loss are varied and it is common for people to suffer from a combination of causes.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident that results in a chip or fracture of your tooth, this lost tooth structure will not replace itself.


Acid erosion is the slow dissolving of the outer surface of the tooth by acids. These acids can come from many common food and drinks or even from your stomach.


When you rub two objects together you will be causing wear to the surface, this is abrasion. If you brush too often or hard you may be causing tooth brush abrasion, wearing away the surface on the tooth.


When you rub your teeth together (grind or brux) you can cause excessive loss from the chewing surface of your teeth.



Invest in your health by visiting Bushy Park Dental. For an appointment ring 020 8941 9090.




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