Paying for Your Care


We believe that “doing it right first time” will provide you with the best value. Quality dental care does cost, like all things in life you get what you pay for.

There are several options to pay for Private Dental Care

> You may choose to pay as you go. You simply pay for the treatment you have on the day.

> You can take Dental Insurance. This is a contract between yourself and the Insurance Company. As an individual you can take Dental Insurance from companies such as: Simply Health » or  Tesco »

These work in the following way; You pay a monthly premium, then claim back your entitled benefits once you have had treatment.


We are experienced and willing to help you complete your claim forms. You may be able to gain Dental Insurance from your employer’s company scheme. Many of these schemes are very beneficial and certainly worth having.


Please make us aware prior to or at your initial visit if you have Dental Insurance, this helps to ensure that you are able to claim fully for what you entitled to. We are more than happy to help by filling in claim forms if required by your Insurer.

This is a payment plan. This is a contract between yourself and us, your Dentist. For a set monthly payment your become eligible for various levels of care at no extra cost. The added benefit to this plan is that you gain accident and emergency cover worldwide as part of the plan. Denplan Website »

Dental Loans
We are able to arrange finance from a Finance Company, Medenta.


When payment is made directly to the Practice, we accept most major Credit Cards (excluding American Express), Debit Card or Cash.



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