How bad is your Snoring Test
TSS (Thornton Snoring Scale by Dr Keith Thornton)

If you snore, it doesn’t only affect you, depriving you of a comfortable nights rest. It also affects the people around you. The Thornton Snoring Scale can help you determine how your snoring may affect the people around you.

Choose the most appropriate number for each situation:
0 Never
1 Infrequently (1 night a week)
2 Frequently (2-3 night per week)
3 Most of the time (4 or more nights)



My snoring affects my relationship with my partner

My snoring causes my partner to be irritable or tied

My snoring require us to sleep in separate rooms

My snoring is loud

My snoring affects other people when I am sleeping away from home i.e. staying with friends, sharing a hotel room, camping, on a boat etc



Interpreting Your Score:


Snoring has a significant effect on the quality of life for many people. Snoring can affect the snorer as well as those around him / her both physically and emotionally.

If you score totalled above 4: You might owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do something about it.

If you score totalled above 7: Your quality of life is definitely suffering due to your snoring.

Dr Mike Deasy, the dentist at Bushy Park Dental is a member of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine ».


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