Dental emergencies

Dental Emergencies





If you are in pain or a dental problem is causing you inconvenience, call 020 8941 9090, and we’ll endeavour to see you the same day. The earlier you call the more opportunity we have to arrange a time to see you. If you get the answer phone, please leave a message, we will call you back ASAP.





Saturdays am.: try the Practice first as we are open. Call 020 8941 9090

For our Patients at Bushy Park Dental, we offer an emergency pager service.

Please ring 07699 787 680 and you can contact the On Duty Dentist who will advise you. In cases of severe pain they will arrange to see you at a local clinic.


We can use the very latest techniques and equipment that can relieve pain and discomfort fairly rapidly. Our onsite stock of medications, such as antibiotics, means we can supply what you need without the further inconvenience of having to chase around for a chemist to fill a prescription.



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